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Published on March 17, 2008 [12:28:42 AM]

class _window

This is the base class for class From and all classes for Controls. So all public members, either generic properties and/or functions are available in Form as well as any control, e.g. Button, TextBox, etc..


  FormProcedure setDProcedure(FormProcedure procName)
  FormProcedure setWProcedure(ControlProcedure procName)
  RCP_MSGBOX yesNoCancel(String message[,String title])
  UINT errorBox (String message[,String title])
  UINT getExStyle()
  UINT getID()
  UINT getStyle()
  UINT infoBox (String message[,String title])
  UINT msgBox (String message[,String title,DWORD undoc])
  UINT removeExStyle(UINT oldStyle)
  UINT removeStyle(UINT oldStyle)
  UINT setExStyle(UINT newStyle)
  UINT setStyle(UINT newStyle)
  UINT warnBox (String message[,String title])
  bool confirm(String message[,String title])
  bool okCancel(String message[,String title])
  bool refresh()
  bool removeTimer(String timerName)
  bool setTimer(String timerName[,unsigned long])
  int addExStyle(UINT addStyle)
  int addStyle(int addStyle)
  void center()
  void destory()
  void fitToHeight()
  void fitToWidth()
  void focus()
  void ftiExact()
  void looseFocus()
  void moveTo(int X, int Y)
  void resize(int newWidth, int newHeight)
  void setLimit(ULONG limit)
Generic Properties


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