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Published on March 17, 2008 [12:28:43 AM]

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RAD C++ 2 distributed under license RCDL v2 (created and maintained by flaxweb.com).

RAD C++ Development License [RCDL] version 2:
You can use this library for any of the following purposes

While using for personal work you are not bound to mention it anywhere that your application is developed using RAD C++ 2, BUT, when developing Commercial and/or Educational projects you are bound to give credit to RAD C++ website, that may be in the form of a link in your project's About Dialog or Splash Screen, or anywhere easily visible through usual functions in the application. If you are developing any freeware application(s), in this case too, you are bound to mention RAD C++ website within your application.

Support team is not bound to answer any / all of your questions, if you are using the free version of the library. Source of the library is file is never delivered in any case unless the owner of the library wishes to disclose it, the supplied Header file radc++.h and library file lbradc++.a are sufficient to build Microsoft Windows application using MingW free compiler.

Author / RAD C++ providers are not responsible for any damage / inconsistency caused at system level or any data loss by the application developed using RAD C++.

If you agree the terms, you are 100% free to use this library.

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